Top 5 Monsoon Street Foods From Aamchi Mumbai | Travel

With the monsoon hitting the city, foodies around Mumbai will soon be treated to a range of seasonally specific foods that hit differently with the gloomy and cold weather. Whether you’re new to the city or have lived here your whole life, here are 5 street food items you can’t miss.

Mumbai’s favorite wada pav

Vada cobblestone

Pipping hot vadas with a light coating of besan is the all-time favorite Maharashtrian snack. He has a fan following that is spreading all over the world.

Perfect for any day, lip-smacking batata vadas are an absolute treat on a rainy day. Eaten with a dry or wet chutney coated in pav, this Indian burger also makes a great snack and an inexpensive meal.

Tapriwali chai

Tapri chai

Tea is a language of love in the country. This hot cup of tea is also enjoyed in the cold and hot summer months. It is therefore no surprise that tapirwali chai is drunk by millions of Mumbaikars during these humid months. Often spiced with adrak, the chai is boiled to perfection, leaving you with a creamy, thick and delicious glass of tea.

Kanda Bahji

Kanda Bahji

The monsoon sees many street vendors selling the favorite – bhajis. Whether it’s palak, methi, aaloo or kanda, bhajiyas are a staple snack sip during the rain. It pairs well with spicy spearmint, sweet and sour tamarind chutney and the quintessential chai.



Although momos aren’t something you associate with the monsoon, this snack quickly left an indelible mark on the city. Various carts, shops, and restaurants sell these steamy, juicy, and scrumptious bites. Accompanied by a spicy red sauce, they are ideal for rainy days when you crave something warm and comforting.

(Bhuatta seller)


You will know the monsoon has arrived once you see bhutta vendors popping up on every corner. Whether you eat it at Marine Drive or Juhu Beach, watching the waves crash on the shore while munching on corn is a must. Roasted over a charcoal flame, then generously coated with chilli powder, salt and lemon, corn on the cob is truly an iconic Mumbai experience not to be missed.

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