TN outperforms other states in agribusiness exports and food tech: minister

CHENNAI: Being one of the leading exporters in seafood, rice, dairy and grain segments, Tamil Nadu has a competitive advantage over other states owing to its abundant agricultural resources, said R Sakkarapani, Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, Consumer Protection and Price Control, TN.

In his (virtually) keynote address at the 14th International Conference and Expo on Emerging Technologies in the Food Processing Industry (FoodPro 2022), he said, TN is a leading player in the industry agro-food processing with more than 24,000 food processing companies registered under the SME category and 1,100 companies under medium and large units. The state contributes 7% of India’s food processing output, produces around 120 lakh MT of food grains, 140 lakh MT of fruits and vegetables, and 12% of fruit products.

An ICN study on “Unlocking Value in India’s Food Processing Sector” was published by Pooja Kulkarni, MD, Tamil Nadu Guidance Office. Independent research and analysis for this report was conducted by McKinsey & Company, who served as knowledge partners.

“India is the largest country in terms of food production, processing, supply and consumption, with manufacturing and agriculture contributing 8.80% and 8.39% to India’s gross value added. India,” said B Thiagarajan, President of FoodPro 2022.

“Even though the Center has made many policy reforms regarding the food processing industry, India’s share in international food trade is only 1.5%, while the value added to food through processing is only 8% of the total output. There is room for improvement with branded and value-added products slowly coming in,” said Satyakam Arya, Chairman of the State Council CIITN.

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