Review food security strategies – African countries are invited

Social food security

Ghana and its neighboring countries on the African continent have been urged to review their agricultural and food security strategies in order to reduce their dependence on other countries in the world.

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES & Africa) said it became necessary after the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict revealed major gaps in strategies continent’s agriculture and food security.

Dr. Tidiane Ouattara, GMES coordinator, said: “The Ukraine crisis has shown Africa that food security is a problem because we depend on Ukraine for many things and on Europe also for many things. This means that Africa must now rethink its agriculture and food security strategy.

He noted that the acquisition and processing of data had become more than critical because it was a pillar for decision-makers to develop good policies and that the appropriate interventions were ensured by science and technology. spatial.

Dr. Ouattara said this during a workshop in Accra on best practices in data acquisition and processing as a catalyst for addressing the daily needs of scientists and citizens as well as national development issues.

“We need to talk together to share best practices and see how we can complement each other. Together we are stronger and Africa should speak one language,” he said.

Dr. Kwame Agyekum, a marine remote sensing scientist, added that the data was important for Africa in using its resources for the benefit of citizens and national development.

He said, “You realize that Africa is endowed with a lot of resources. We have vast oceans and very fertile land. We realized that we need to manage these resources, but first we need to collect information about these resources.

This, Dr Agyekum said, was being done through a partnership between the African Union (AU) and the European Union, adding that the meeting was aimed at enabling stakeholders to strategize and “leverage data to make good use of our resources”.

The first Continental Service Workshop on GMES & Africa Coastal and Marine Services was convened by the African Union Commission and brought together key implementers and partners.

These include the University of Ghana (UG), the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), regional economic communities and European technical institutions.

Phase II of GMES & Africa is a continuation of phase I of the program which aims to build on the achievements of the first phase.

Representatives of the five Regional Economic Communities in Africa, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ECA, the GMES & Africa Project Management Unit and African Union Commission departments were present at the meeting.

Others were European partners, including the Directorate for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG-GROW) of the European Commission, the European Space Agency, the European Organization for operation of meteorological satellites and the Joint Research Centre.

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