‘Pie Heaven’: Where this executive chef heads for food and coffee

Gerhard Zitzenbacher with his wife Wendy Zitzenbacher.


Gerhard Zitzenbacher with his wife Wendy Zitzenbacher.

A brief conversation with Gerhard Zitzenbacher, Group Executive Chef/Head of Lone Star Purchasing.

Where would you take every visitor to New Zealand and why?

It would have to be Punakaiki on the west coast. It’s an absolutely stunning place in the summer and an even better experience on a stormy winter day. The West Coast is a wonderful place to take visitors for a taste of New Zealand.

What is your favorite secret spot in your garden?

Waipu Cove – the beach is absolutely amazing. If you manage to get there, the cool cafe opposite the campsite serves fabulous food and coffee. A beautiful place to walk around, enjoy the view and relax with loved ones.

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What’s your favorite place for a pie/coffee?

Hands down, my favorite pies are from The Baker in Tīrau. If you manage to stick to your timing and arrive when they come out of the oven, I promise you’ll be in pie heaven! Their sweets are also fantastic.

I found that you can never go wrong with a coffee from Joe’s Garage. I will always make a special visit if I’m near one whenever I travel across the country. Plus, Poppi in Newmarket is well worth a visit for a good dose of caffeine.

Which New Zealand spot is at the top of your to-do list?

It would have to be Stewart Island – it looks beautiful and the seafood is fantastic. I imagine it would be a pretty peaceful place to recharge my batteries for a few days. I think I would really appreciate the remoteness and tranquility there.

Stay safe: New Zealand is currently under Covid-19 restrictions. Follow the instructions on covid19.govt.nz.

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