Paying over S$300 to sleep in a hotel bus? No thanks, say some Singaporeans

SINGAPORE — Some Singaporeans are finding the proposed rates for accommodation at a newly announced resort to be built at Changi Village exorbitant and have canceled their stay.

They were reacting to news that the complex, which will be completed in April next year, will feature public buses from transport operator SBS Transit which will be turned into hotel rooms. Each room should cost around S$300-400 a night.

Many readers commented on TODAY’s Facebook page that they wouldn’t pay so much to “sleep on a bus” after the price was revealed by WTS Travel on Sunday (August 28).

Tentatively named “The Bus Resort”, the project is a joint initiative of travel company WTS Travel, property management service provider LHN Group and investment holding group Sky Win Holding.

The rooms will be built from 20 disused public buses and will occupy over 8,600 m² of land next to the Changi Village Hawker Centre.

Social media users in general didn’t seem impressed or excited about the upcoming station.

Many were put off by the price of the room, deeming it “too expensive” and saying they would rather stay in “decent” hotels or travel to neighboring countries for the amount.

One user wrote: “With this price, sorry! I would prefer to stay in a hotel around Sentosa. It (is) supposed to be cheaper (than a) hotel.

Another remarked, “This amount can easily afford you two nights’ stay in a five-star boutique hotel in ASEAN countries.”

One user joked that he would stick to sleeping on the bus on the way home.

Some people called the concept a “trick” and compared it to a trailer park, while other pessimists predicted that the novelty of staying at a bus station will wear off quickly.

One TODAY reader wrote: “You might have some curious (people) to start with, but soon everyone will realize that realistically the same amount or less can provide them with more benefits and benefits. facilities in local hotels or hotels in neighboring countries And location (is) probably another consideration.

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