New York City Just Got a Cute Neighborhood Hotel — and It’s Convenient

IIs there anything else that makes you feel like a sophisticated traveler than having a must-visit boutique hotel in a big city? OK, maybe have a friend with a yacht, but the boutique hotel is up there. In New York, long the biggest destination in the United States, finding something nearby in the main tourist areas was a difficult task – there are plenty of chains, intimidating hip spots and swanky upscale hotels. But small and cute and reasonably priced, not so much.

Our latest pick for Room Key, the mooreis a chic new hotel in Chelsea that has already become just the thing for those looking for such a place.

the moore is located where the gem was. The Gem had been a little tired in recent years, but it had loyal customers in part because of its quick access to Penn Station (10-15 minute walk) and immediate surroundings, including the High Line, the galleries of art, restaurants, and Forager’s Food Market, which takes up part of its first floor. The hotel is named after Clement Clarke Moore, the promoter who created Chelsea but is most famous as the author of It was the night before Christmas.

In New York, whenever space and cost are discussed, the phrase “…for New York” is inevitably required, and the moore is no exception. The 81 efficiently designed rooms are more comfortable, a fact the hotel doesn’t avoid but rather embraces. When making reservations over the phone, the staff will repeatedly insist on 140-175 square meters. While not huge, they’re cozy, with textured off-white walls, wooden floors, and teak paneling behind the bed. Although it was on the relatively busy corner of 22nd and 8th Avenue, there was little street noise to be heard with the windows closed.

Often small hotels are also looking for excessive efficiency in bathrooms, but fortunately the moore is not one of that number – they are full size with sleek black subway tiles. And while it seems like every new boutique hotel these days is looking to cater to younger guests with toiletries from DS & Durga or Le Labo, the moore is even more attuned to the obsessions of the younger generation and stocking their bathrooms with items from Replica.

The hotel has three main amenities. The first is a rooftop terrace that operates a bar during the warmer months and offers views of the Empire State Building. The second is a surprisingly well-equipped gym for such a small hotel: bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, abdominal mats and dumbbells that can weigh up to 35 pounds. The third, which sets the tone as soon as you enter, is the lobby, which is more of a meeting place with its dual purpose café/wine bar and boomerang-shaped velvet sofas.

Depending on the season (December being high season), room rates usually range between $100 and $200, with the more expensive rooms being corners with more light.

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