Nanny Cay opens a new hotel wing


New hotel facilities at Nanny Cay.

Nanny Cay Resort and Marina has unveiled the first nine rooms of its new Seaview wing as it prepares for the busiest time of year in the marine industry.

Speaking at the official unveiling on Friday, October 29, Nanny Cay General Manager Miles Sutherland Pilch said the opening of the new rooms gives the resort greater availability to accommodate marine tourists.

He noted that the hotel is nearing full capacity for the next few months as the shipping industry looks to revive action.

“We have the boat show next week so I can’t wait to have brokers. Some of the people who book the charter boats stay in the rooms to get their feet wet as they will be the guests here for years to come when they get off. We also have the Caribbean 1500 [sailing event] future. All of these things are coming back, which is pretty exciting, ”he said.

The hotel and resort primarily cater for yacht passengers and Sutherland Pilch hopes to see more visitors sooner rather than later.

“Now, out of 300 slips, 80% of them are charter slips. This hotel is for them a few nights before or after. Obviously, other people who want to come and dive or do something else are welcome. But essentially, the charter company around us is booked for the season, ”noted the general manager.

“We also work with a number of businesses in town and different entities and it just helps to have a place outside of town and if they are on a business trip they can go to the beach bar or at the pool in the evening, “he added.

Sutherland Pilch said he was very optimistic about the next maritime tourism season despite some setbacks she has faced. He noted that all boats are looking to have their best season ever if all goes well.

Room rates

Double occupancy room rates range from $ 140 to $ 225 per night in low season and $ 170 to $ 250 in high season.

All theaters are expected to be fully operational on December 1.

Nanny Cay is one of the main resorts and marinas in the Virgin Islands. It has provided a full-service marina, hotel and shipyard to residents and visitors for over 30 years.

New hotel facilities at Nanny Cay.

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