Member of the chairmanship of the DK in the field of hot water on the links of offshore companies


The presidential member of the Democratic Coalition, who also competes in the opposition primaries, is under attack for her links to an offshore company. After the National Primary Elections Office first dismissed the case, the MSZP-Párbeszéd appealed and demanded its withdrawal.

The case was highlighted by conservative media and critical of the government Válasz online. While compiling a list of deputies vying for the primaries, a journalist stumbled upon a car wash in Judit Földi Rácz’s CV with an annual turnover of up to 2.5 billion HUF (7 million d ‘euros). He quickly discovered that the establishment was officially owned by a company from Delaware (an offshore haven in the United States) called Minos King Global Business LLC.


In the 1st district of Székesfehérvár, Rácz competes with the socialist (MSZP) Roland Márton in the primaries.

But opposition candidates had to sign a so-called declaration of integrity, including a clause to this effect. And candidate DK firmly stated on July 26, 2021 that neither she nor her family own any offshore companies. It soon turned out that the owner of this car wash had changed the same day.

Rácz, however, at first categorically denied his involvement, threatening Válasz online with legal procedures. The only problem was that although Minos King Global Business LLC mentioned above. had disappeared from the Hungarian register, Válasz online always found it in the official register of Slovak companies and indicated that the name of candidate DK was still on the list as a representative of the company.

After a while, she started to admit her involvement, but insisted that she was only a representative of the company. To prove it, she even presented a document signed by a notary, without revealing who the real owner is since.

Meanwhile, her party also supported her and even confronted Gergely Karácsony (MSZP-Párbeszéd PM candidate), when he criticized Rácz and DK for not having him resign.

After the denunciation of the MSZP-Párbeszéd, the National Office for Primary Elections (OEVB) also put the issue on the agenda. Jobbik and DK both blocked further committee action (while LMP and Momentum representatives abstained in the vote). However, the case will not end there, as second-instance proceedings will follow after the appeal of the MSZP-Párbeszéd (where the president of Momentum has said they will vote against Rácz). And last I heard, an official police report has also been filed.

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Besides a number of unanswered questions, the MSZP and Párbeszéd are still adamant about Rácz leaving the primaries. Anyway, the political side of the case could be settled as soon as this evening, since the OVB has promised that the first results of the primaries will soon be made public.

featured image via Judit Földi Rácz- Facebook

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