Food review: Delicious food and great prices at V-Namese

7:00 p.m. August 30, 2022

We were looking for something a little different in Great Yarmouth.

The town has a healthy selection of restaurants and pubs, but we had our sights set on something a little more exotic.

Just around the corner from the Hippodrome Circus, there is a taste of Vietnam just waiting to be tasted. V-Namese on St Peter’s Road has been serving local foodies with Southeast Asian delights since 2013.

V-Namese is located at 32-33 St Peter’s Road, Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

To start, I ordered the prawns in salt and chilli (£5.70). They had been lightly fried in a tempura batter and were incredibly tastier. The prawns were firm and juicy and were served with onions which complemented the warm siracha dip. I loved this entry.

V-Namese food.

V-Namese salt and chilli prawns.
– Credit: James Weeds

My partner ordered the tofu satay (£5.70) and she said it was the best satay she had ever tried. Its rich nutty flavor was accompanied by a slight crunch and the sauce was spicy but not too hot. The tofu had been cooked to perfection – crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

V-Namese food.

My partner keeps talking about V-Namese’s tofu satay.
– Credit: James Weeds

She followed with fake xa xui pork (£5.80) and egg fried rice (£3.50) for the main course. The faux pork dish was sweet, sticky and smoky and was served on a bed of sweet and crispy cabbage. My partner said the faux pork was similar in texture to bacon and was a very satisfying dinner.

The egg fried rice was fluffy and bursting with goodness.

V-Namese food.

Vegan pork xa xiu and egg rice at V-Namese.
– Credit: James Weeds

I ordered the staple of Vietnamese cuisine – pho. This beef broth noodle soup with chicken pieces was warming and fresh. The broth packed a punch with the addition of fresh mint and cilantro. The dish was slightly sweet, with a zing of the chilies.

V-Namese food.

Chicken Pho at V-Namese in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

The noodles were tender and the soup had the perfect amount of chicken – I’m always amazed at how well meat is used in Vietnamese cooking. You’re never stuffed with it, but you always feel like you’ve had the right amount.

This dish was both summer and autumn. A lovely blend of fresh, bright flavors and warming soup.

Unfortunately the kitchen was closed by the time we finished the main course so we could only order coffee for the afternoons.

But that’s not a bad thing as Vietnamese is the best coffee in the world and it’s fantastic to see it available in Great Yarmouth.

V-Namese food.

It took about 20 minutes for this Vietnamese coffee to percolate, but good things happen to those who wait.
– Credit: James Weeds

We ordered the Vietnamese Iced Coffee (£3.50) and received a glass mug with a thick layer of condensed milk in the bottom and a percolator sitting on top of the mug.

“The thing with Vietnamese coffee you have to remember,” our server said, “the slower it drips, the better it tastes.”

We waited in anticipation for almost 20 minutes. And it was worth it.

The coffee was black and strong, but the condensed milk added a creamy sweet richness that balanced out the strength of the coffee.

V-Namese food.

Iced Vietnamese coffee at V-Namese on St Peter’s Road, Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds


A simple design and layout for the restaurant. It’s clean and comfortable, but not a lot of frills.


Unbeatable value for money for a restaurant meal. We ordered two starters, two main courses and three drinks and the bill came to 38.80. Main courses are reasonably priced, so don’t be afraid to order more and share with your partner.


As we looked at the food on offer, I ordered a Vietnamese green tea (£2.80) and my partner ordered homemade lemonade (£2.80).

The green tea came in a nice heavy teapot and was quite floral with a creamy texture. The lemonade was very fruity, sweet and refreshing.


On the ground floor. Two cabins and a shared sink. Well stocked and clean.


The restaurant is everywhere on the ground floor without noticeable problems for different levels of capacity.


Service was relaxed, but a bit slow. We had been informed as soon as we arrived that waiting times would be longer due to the number of staff.


For me the pho was amazing. It was so fresh and delicious. And since the meal, my companion hasn’t stopped talking about the satay.

In summary

Delicious, fresh and authentic food from one of the most exotic places on earth, all at an incredibly low price. V-Namese on St Peter’s Road is simply an amazing place to eat and a fantastic addition to the city’s food scene.

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Did you know?

Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is Vietnam’s national dish. It was invented at the beginning of the 20th century in the north of the country but its origins are disputed.

Made up of broth, herbs, noodles and meat, it is claimed that pho was either a Vietnamese version of French beef stew (pot-au-feu) or cow meat noodles (ngau yuk fan) sold to Chinese immigrants in Hanoi around this time. time.

A typical pho in Hanoi will cost between 60,000 and 85,000 dong (which is between £2.20 and £3.10 in the UK), but in other parts of the world pho has been sold for up to $5,000.

In some parts of the United States, some restaurants held pho-eating contests and up to ten pounds of noodle soup was consumed in a single sitting. YouTuber Beard Meets Food ate 12 pounds of it during a food challenge at a restaurant in Texas.


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