Food kitchens are planned in all family islands

MINISTER of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Island Family Affairs Clay Sweeting. Photo: Racardo Thomas/Gallery Staff


Minister of AGRICULTURE, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Clay Sweeting said his department is working with other government entities to promote national food sustainability and introduce food kitchens to family islands.

Mr Sweeting said he was working with the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation to improve agriculture in the Family Islands. He also said his ministry was working to establish food kitchens across the country.

“BAIC, which has control over food processing, initiated and continues a program whereby they teach people across the Bahamas how to process food,” Mr. Sweeting said. “However, the Ministry of Agriculture is also working to place food kitchens in a strategic approach across the country.

“So these food kitchens will help farmers who have rotten produce or produce that cannot be sold to the packing plant and we understand the need to add value to our product here.”

He said his ministry will help BAIC establish food processing facilities in the Family Islands to fulfill promises made by the Progressive Liberal Party during its election campaign.

“So the Department of Agriculture and Marine Resources will help facilitate that, help bring that into the packinghouses to create these full-service facilities that we’ve been talking about since we came to power.”

He said these agricultural modernization initiatives will help Bahamians get started in farming, adding that these food processing units will help Family Island farmers find a way to preserve their produce before it goes bad. spoil.

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