Food, fuel and inflation crises all stem from globalist policies


Global elites left Davos last week after seeking solutions to the deep crises facing the world. They left as they arrived, unaware that the crises were entirely their fault.

Take energy, where shortages have led to the highest gasoline prices in the world. WE and UK the story and to fuel poverty affecting millions of people. If not for the specter of climate change – for decades one of the globalistscentral concerns – the world energy situation would be radically different.

Canada’s tar sands would not have been demonized and the country would have built the Keystone XL pipeline and other pipelines to transport ever greater amounts of energy across the continent and beyond.

Liquefied natural gas facilities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Asia, the Americas and Europe would have been built to ship and receive natural gas in abundance.

“Net Zero” policies would not cripple funding for new fossil fuel installations. Carbon taxes would not make energy more and more expensive.

In the same way that the United States quickly became the world’s largest oil and gas exporter once the Trump administration rolled back crippling climate-related regulations, Europe would have been awash with energy if hydraulic fracturing ban and offshore fossil fuel development has been lifted to allow development of its huge oil and gas reserves. Instead of fuel poverty, Europe would experience fuel abundance.

Globalists pushing climate change policies tell us that there is no other choice if the planet is to be saved from catastrophe decades, if not centuries from now. What they don’t tell us is that their prophecies of doom are based on computer climate modelswho all have proved false nowadays.

Not a single complaint– that the arctic ice caps are melting or polar bear populations would refuse or tornadoes would have increased – would have materialized. Reasonable people may wonder if prophecies of doom will materialize in the future. Reasonable people cannot dispute that past decisions by globalists to override the free market created the current energy crisis.

Despite the globalists’ climate change policies, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today 400 parts per million– have reached record levels. This has been a boon to the planet as CO2, also known as natural fertilizer, has produced an abundance of bumper crops. Australia reports record wheat, barley and canola crops and a near-record sorghum crop. Indiaworld’s second largest wheat producer, expects record exports this year. Brazil expects record corn. Russiawith another record harvest, will be the world’s largest exporter of wheat.

A combine harvests wheat in a field near the village of Suvorovskaya in Stavropol region, Russia, July 17, 2021. (Eduard Korniyenko/Reuters)

Nevertheless, famine is on the rise. The The UN warns that we are in the midst of a “global food crisis” in which “44 million people in 38 countries are at emergency levels of hunger”. Here, too, the blame lies with globalist policies that make food unaffordable.

Supply chain disruptions caused by the globalists’ decision to abandon traditional pandemic responses in favor of an experimental lockdown of much of the global economy is a major contributor to the famine. The chaos and costs of this decision by governments to enforce their COVID-19 lockdown theory have upended global food distribution systems and driven up the cost of food. The inflation created when governments printed money to support industries and people sidelined during lockdowns, then made food prices even more prohibitive.

The globalists’ move to perpetuate the Russian-Ukrainian war by supplying Ukraine with billions in weaponry has exacerbated supply chain disruptions, a break from the past norm of pressuring fighters to resolve their differences through negotiations. As a result, the agricultural production of Ukraine, once known as the breadbasket of Europe, collapsed, with wheat production falling by 44% and maize by 39%.

Reasonable people may dispute that Western governments had the wisdom to implement and fund the lockdowns, or to perpetuate the Russian-Ukrainian war, but they cannot dispute that their actions spurred the increase in starvation that the world knows today.

The globalists may believe that the world needs their new world order. But they also illustrate the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Patricia Adams


Patricia Adams is an economist and president of the Energy Probe Research Foundation and of Probe International, an independent think tank in Canada and around the world. She is the publisher of the Internet information services Three Gorges Probe and Odious Debts Online and the author or editor of numerous books. His books and articles have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Bengali, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesian. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Lawrence Solomon


Lawrence Solomon is an Epoch Times columnist, author of 7 books, and executive director of the Consumer Policy Institute in Toronto. He can be reached at [email protected]

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