Could co-sourcing help restaurant staffing issues? | modern restaurant management

While restaurant employment has increased in the United States in recent months (1.9 million net jobs added), total employment in the industry has remained below pre-pandemic levels in the majority of states. The question remains: where are restaurants going to find enough people to fill these jobs?

There is a myth surrounding traditional outsourcing models among small businesses, such as in the restaurant industry, that they are too small to take advantage of the global talent market. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

By using co-sourcing, restaurants, restaurant software providers, food distributors or suppliers of any size can leverage the global talent pool at a scale that suits them. It’s a great way to improve business processes, reduce cost structure and make your catering business more productive. Here are a few areas where outsourcing can help the restaurant industry increase productivity, resilience, and profits.

HR and Payroll

Payroll processing and benefits administration are easy roles to fill through co-sourcing. For example, a chain of Jack in the Box restaurants successfully uses multiple payroll specialists and takes care of these tasks for all of its employees. With proper training and employee handbooks in place, these roles do not need to be filled internally.


This is a popular outsourcing area for companies because it is easy to onboard new employees into business operations. Tasks such as managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, managing journal entries, and invoicing can easily be handled by co-sourced employees. A popular steakhouse chain uses a remote team of accounting associates to support their local accounting team.

Customer service

Co-sourcing customer service employees is extremely popular in the restaurant industry. These team members act as a virtual front desk for restaurants, taking reservations, takeout orders, and more. This allows restaurant staff to provide an exceptional customer experience inside the restaurant and not have to worry about handling outside calls.

Managing inventory and ordering supplies is another area where the restaurant industry can benefit from co-sourcing. By removing this task from an internal employee, you give that employee the freedom to focus on their tasks, which in turn contributes to the productivity and success of the restaurant.

Moving to next-gen order taking should be a priority for quick service restaurants. Fast-food chains are starting to use artificial intelligence (AI)-based order-taking systems. By outsourcing backup support for order taking, they are using Tier 2 support for the AI ​​system. This frees up in-store staff to focus on their customers who are at checkouts or driving through the window versus multitasking.


Need more customers, but don’t have time to manage your social media, website, or marketing campaigns? Hire an outsourced employee to help you. These skills can be applied to help businesses in all industries and functions generate revenue through marketing and social media.

The co-sourcing model was designed to make your business more efficient. The restaurant industry sees three positive results when outsourcing staff for the positions mentioned above:

  • Better customer experience: We all know that surpassing the customer experience is the goal of any restaurant. By outsourcing certain positions, you free up staff to provide an exceptional customer experience to their in-store customers.
  • Better staff retention and increased productivity: Outsourced staff handle the repetitive and tedious tasks that take up your employees’ time and, frankly, they don’t want to do it. Give them the freedom to focus on the tasks they love. This, in turn, will increase restaurant operations, employee morale, and customer experience.
  • Revenue increase: Consistent and productive social media and marketing efforts will help increase customer traffic. When those customers walk through your door, they will ultimately have a better experience because your staff will now be focused on them. And we all know that better customer experiences create word of mouth and more loyal customers.

The staffing crisis in the restaurant industry is here to stay. If you’re struggling with these functions and can’t find the staff you need to fill the positions that are open to you, it’s time to change things up a bit! Tapping into the global talent pool and outsourcing a job or two can be a great option for your business.

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