Bhubaneswar: the Kishore Mutton hotel bulldozed

Bhubaneswar: While the cancellation of Kishore Mutton Hotel’s food registration by the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) seemed like eye drops, with the restaurant resuming operations on Thursday, the roadside restaurant was razed today .

The restaurant named Kishore Hotel located near Doordarshan’s office in the city was reportedly closed for violating food safety guidelines and failing to maintain good hygiene.

According to reports, a BMC monitoring team inspected the hotel and found that all standard food safety guidelines were violated. The hotel served stale crabs in addition to using outdated additives like sauces and harmful food coloring. The food was also prepared in extremely unsanitary conditions.

The owner was found to be running a full-fledged hospitality business and earning thousands of dollars despite having a license to sell street food like ‘gupchup’ and ‘dahi bara’ and only paying 100 rupees of tax.

Food health and hygiene manager Dr Dipak Kumar Bisoi said the hotel, which had made its way onto the lists of many food bloggers and became known for its delicious mutton curry, used harmful additives to improve the appearance of food. “The colors added to make mutton curry appealing are known to cause cancer. I ask bloggers and food enthusiasts to refrain from promoting such outlets. It is misleading to the public,” he added.

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