Agriculture minister announces $500 million for more food

Federal Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Murray Watt announced a $500 million investment to “encourage farmers to create more food products in Australia, in addition to selling raw materials to the foreign”.

This aid will be provided by the National Reconstruction Fund.

“In addition to protecting the industry, we want to help farmers get more value from their produce through value addition and innovation,” Watt said. “We want Australia to not only grow wheat, but also make flour, biscuits and cakes and process and package meat for domestic and international markets.”

In terms of protecting industry, the federal government aims to counter threats to biosecurity.

“I was briefed by Australia’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr Mark Schipp, on his return from Indonesia, where there are currently worrying outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease in cattle,” Watt said.

“I work closely with experts and stakeholders to ensure we have the right protections in place and continue to make the right investments in biosecurity – at home and abroad.”

Australia’s Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Science also forecasts record exports worth $65 billion in 2022-23, along with a second consecutive year of over $80 billion. of production.

“Australian agriculture is on track for another record year, and the new government will do everything in its power to support it with continued innovation, value addition and increased decarbonisation efforts,” Watt said. .

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