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Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, an award-winning resort in Bonita Springs near the city of Naples, Florida, completed a multi-million dollar renovation in recognition of its 20th anniversary last fall. Updates include a complete makeover of the property’s 426 rooms and 28 suites.

“When we visited the property, we were struck by the resort as a hidden gem, both because of its distance from typical Florida crowded tourist destinations, but also because of the site’s architectural setting,” said Gabriela Camacho, project designer, Parker Torres. Design. “You arrive at the hotel via a long drive, nestled amongst an abundance of native flora and fauna. He feels exclusive and isolated. This became the basis of the design, employing moments of discovery that mimic this revelatory experience of the natural world. The Hyatt brand identity has also strongly influenced the direction of the design, focusing on intuitive comfort for guests.

Updated rooms feature a sophisticated tropical feel with new hardwood floors, coconut wood bed frames, and modern furnishings and decor. Featuring a vibrant light green ocean blue, the rooms offer bright and airy accommodations representative of the resort’s beachfront location in Southwest Florida. The new rooms also feature new sand-colored light fixtures, bold accent chairs, and patio furniture to match the tropical theme. Additionally, the resort updated its hallways with wavy light gray and green carpeting, soft shadows reminiscent of breeze-blown sand, and dark brown furniture and fixtures.

“The palette and materials draw directly from the hotel’s physical surroundings, honoring the indigenous landscape in a direct way,” Camacho said. “For example, the carpet in the hallway evokes the movement of sand on a beach; the headboard lighting was designed to filter light like light would filter through a canopy of palm trees. The palette is comprised of watery blues and greens supported by warm sandy neutrals.

New guest rooms complement the resort’s recently renovated meeting spaces and lobby. The updated meeting space features light gray carpeting with bold ocean blue curved lines interwoven to perfectly complement the resort’s beachfront location. The ballrooms also feature all-new, sleek and sophisticated light fixtures in a sand beige color, stages surrounded by dark gray and bright blue curtains, and red chairs.

“Historically, Bonita Springs was the site of a famous and enduring shell store (the Shell Factory); many of the shapes in the design relate to the elegant yet simple outlines of seashells. The bedroom rug uses a subtle wickerwork pattern as a nod to the heritage of the Calusa and Seminole Native Americans who originally lived in the area and whose descendants are still active in South Florida,” Camacho noted.

Showcasing Florida’s sunny climate year-round, the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point offers a waterfront getaway on the state’s southwest coast. The resort offers a three-acre water park featuring a lazy river lined with palm-shaded trees, five waterslides including a pair of duel slides, and multiple pools. The water park also includes an adult-only section with a swimming pool and hot tub in a peaceful setting as well as several cabana rental options throughout the resort.

“Returning guests will be surprised by how fresh and open the rooms are, this cleanliness drawing the eye outward to highlight the extraordinary views,” Camacho said. “In the room, the headboard wall provides a dramatic feature with a unique hand-woven rope shape and construction. There are also many details to delight guests as they explore, from decorative (connections” rattan” wrapped) to functional (simple but easily accessible guest sockets).

Outside of the water park, you can explore a 1/4 mile boardwalk that winds through the mangrove forest. At the end of the boardwalk is the resort’s marina which offers ferry service to Big Hickory Island, a private island that is part of the Estero Bay Ecological Preserve. During the 15-minute boat ride, you can keep an eye out for local marine life, including wild pods of dolphins and manatees. Once on the island, the resort provides chairs and umbrellas for guests to enjoy the white sand beach throughout the day.

Guests can also play lawn games on the resort’s grassy courtyards, roast marshmallows and make s’mores in palm-shaded fire pits, or practice their golf skills on a practice green at the edge of the lake. The resort also offers rejuvenating spa treatments at the Stillwater Spa, yoga classes offered on select dates, and live music at its Belvedere Lounge.

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